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How toMake this Large Red & White Beaded Cocktail Ring

This is a how-to video instructions on an extravagant and cool cocktail ring that I made - Make one for yourself or someone special to you.  

For this project you will need:
  • 17 inches of 20 gauge wire
  • 26 gauge wire - (beading thread works too)
  • needle nose pliers
  • your choice of glass beads
  • size 6/0 seedbeads (I used approx 22-24)
  • tube shape - i.e. ring mandrel or magic marker      

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Garden Fresh Red & White Cocktail Ring

Its May!  Every year as soon as spring  hits I always think I'm going to plant herbs or something in the garden but then reality sets in - I'd have to dig in the dirt, get hot and sweaty and deal with insects.  I think not...

These days you can get fresh herbs                                                                
in hydroponic 'ish blisterpaks  i.e. 
the herbs are still growing in 
their plastic packaging in the grocery isle 
when you buy them.                                  

Practically two weeks ago I bought some potted fresh mint in what is called a Shenandoah grower - which is simply a little flowerpot in a plastic open top wrap.  I was able to start pinching off mint leaves for tea and cooking as soon as I got home and everyday after that.

Fast forward two weeks later, my little mint plant is growing and more shoots have taken the place of the parts that I pinched off every day - I feel like I might have green fingers! (or thumb).     

 I'm now on a mission to collect some basil, cilantro and 
parsley growers from my local Walmart - which is where I bought the mint and the watering of those everyday as they sit on the inside of my windowsill will have to be the extent of my gardening activities, think I'll stick to what I know, like this red and white 1 3/4" cocktail ring 

- looks great on my thumb -  yes... the green one, which is where I wear it.  This is an extravagantly cool ring.

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How to Make this Georgeous Coiled Ring


 I have posted  how-to photo instructions on  an absolutely gorgeous coiled ring that I made - If you make it you'll love it.  It will bring Mega-Bling to your finger. Or the finger of someone  you love.

For this project you will need:
  •  1 thin (1/8" ish wide) metal bangle
  •  70+ tiny seed beads size 11/0
  •  2 medium sized seed beads 6/0
  •  26 gauge wire (for threading tiny seed beads)
  •  tube shape such as a magic marker, stick of rock  candy,   etc.

I love my rainboots, but are they practical!

I Love my Rainboots, but are they Practical...?

October rains are here... 

After a nice and crispy hot summer October rains are here. 


Time for energetic walks...

Time for energetic walks - what is it about the heat that makes you want to move slow? - I just seem to have more energy when its cooler. 


Stylish wellies...

On an online hunt for new hiking/walking boots, I came across some stylish wellies (rainboots to y'all) from and bought them immediately.
They arrived the next day and were as gorgeous in the flesh - so to speak - as they appeared online. 

I may be an idiot...

I have one reservation however, I am a little worried about the soles which seem rather thin - am hoping they are broken glass and nail resistant - I am not sending them back they're too pretty to send back...,  - I'll just have to watch where I walk. I know, I know, I may be an Idiot... (but I'm not stupid. errr... I don't think.)  Pray for me.   :o)

How to Make a Beaded Earring from a Bangle (Style 2)

How to Make These Beaded Earrings from a Bangle (Style 2)

For this project you will need:
  •  silver glass seed beads
  •  colored glass beads
  •  shell chip beads
  •  2 metal bangles 
  •  22 gauge wire 

Start by cutting the bangle to open the circle.

Begin to straighten both ends with your flat nosed pliers.

If you gently squeeze the hoop so that the ends touch - you will have a teardrop shape hoop.

Use your pointy nosed pliers to make a small ring on each end of the hoops.

Use your pointy nosed pliers to make a small ring on each end of the hoops.

Start to wrap wire around the base of the ring then thread a bead onto the wire.

So,  you thread a bead then wrap the wire once around the hoop...

until you have threaded on all the beads in the order you want them.

Make a Pair of Earrings from a Bangle (Style 1)

For this Project you will need:

  •  1  metal bangle
  •  20 glass seed beads 
  •  2  large glass beads
  •  2  coils 
  •  2  earring fishooks 
  •  20 gauge wire

You will need a metal bangle the type that comes in sets of 6 or so.

Cut bangle in half.
Place largish tube in center of bangle.
Squeeze sides to shape hoop.

Squeeze more until ends cross.

Place ends together.

Fold coil over and place tips of hoop into each coil end.

Thread a jump ring through center of coil, add fish hooks and you have

a pair of dangle earrings made from a metal bangle that are very sturdy and quite lovely.

A little background on me.

I thought this month I would give you a little background on me.  I have a website that satisfies all my jewelry making urges, that I  sell at my local craft market on the weekend, and I also post Jewelry tutorial videos regularly on Youtube.

FreeDigitalPhotos.netStaying healthy exercising and taking my vitamins .

Although I'm a creative type - I also have for years had an interest in staying healthy, exercising, taking my vitamins and... you know...kind of eating healthy.  Coming from England - which is where I grew up - we didn't eat a lot of snacky or fast food types of food nor did we eat large portions either.
I come from a working class background and like friends and neighbors around me ate three meals a day consisting of  breakfast dinner and tea.  The dinner and tea were interchangeable.  Sometimes tea was just that a cup of tea and jelly sandwiches..

My mum would give us cups of hot tea and jelly sandwiches...

My mum would give us cups of hot tea with milk and sugar with which we washed down jelly and butter sandwiches.  Or it consisted of a full dinner, mashed potatoes, beef and kidney stew carrots and greens.  If it was chicken roasted with butter (usually served on Sundays)  there would be gravy, stuffing and the potatoes would be golden butter roasted too.

People in London are getting bigger...

I believe McDonalds first came to London in the West End (tourist area) sometime in the early 70s - I think Kentucky Chicken came around that time or a little earlier actually and of course Pizza Hut followed suit. 

The buses I've jumped on an off of.
Newer designs as of 2011

Now, as I am sure you know there are American fast food restaurants all over England, Europe and other parts of the world.  Not saying they are to blame for a heavier population - but whenever I visit I have noticed that people in London are getting bigger.  I kid you not - most Londoners used to look like wraiths but now they are very 'healthy' looking - and I don't think whatever's causing it is in the water!  However, Londoners for the most part have to do quite a bit of walking - just as New Yorkers do I suppose - Its extremely difficult to drive your vehicle just anywhere in London and sometimes its just quicker and easier (impossible to find parking) to take public transport - which everyone does.

Battle of the bulge.

If you want to get around fast in England, without too much hassle you have to take buses or the tube (for underground trains). Like most people I'm a work in progress as far as what I put in my mouth is concerned.  But I think just the act of trying to do better everyday is a big positive in the battle of the bulge (err...make that multiple) battle of the bulges.

Teapot, Cow:

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